3 Insanely Awesome Ways To Rev Up The Look Of Your Garage Door With Auto Parts

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If you are all about your cars and love anything closely related to automobilia, there is no doubt that the garage you have at home is one of your favorite places to spend your days. Even though most homeowners leave their garage doors as is, plain and basic with run-of-the-mill designs, why not give this home feature a little sprucing up to make it better reflect your passion for things with wheels? The truth is, if you want to rev up the look of your garage door, you may not have to go further than the nearest auto parts store. Put your gear in park for just a minute and check out these cool ideas to spruce up a boring garage door with auto parts. 

Replace regular garage door handles with car door handles. 

Just about every garage door has handles that can be used to manually lift or lower the door when you don't want to use the garage door opener and these components are fairly easy to replace. Usually held in their spot by a few screws, these handles can be removed and you can easily give the garage door a new look with some replacement handles in the form of actual car door handles. Shop around at the auto parts store to find a latch-like handle of a similar size or head to the local junkyard to pick up some rustic handles for cheap. 

Give your garage door personality with automotive decals. 

Think about all those auto body decals that can be applied to your vehicle–from racing stripes to rolling flames. These high-quality vinyl stickers have their own adhesive backing and are fairly easy to apply to a car, but think about what these decals could do for your garage door. You could trick out the door with racing stripes, flames, or even decals that serve up your favorite vehicle model's emblem. 

Conceal the inside of your garage with car window tint on the windows. 

maybe you want to keep the goings on inside of your garage a little more private from the rest of the world or maybe you just want the garage door windows to have a little more shading. If so, you can easily tint the windows on your garage door with car window tint that you can find at just about any auto parts store. Make sure you apply the tint to the interior of the garage door windows just like you would on a car. 

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