Drive It Daily And Enjoy It Safely: Modern Safety Improvements To Make Your Classic A Daily Driver

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Some people restore classic cars to admire them in their garage; others restore them to enjoy them and drive them daily. If you are the daily driver type of enthusiast, then you want to bring your car up to date with modern auto safety standards, with improvements like anti-lock brakes, four wheel disks, add modern seatbelts and even parking aid. Here are some tips to take your classic restoration project from the garage and make it something you can drive every day and feel safe:

1. Replace Old Brakes With Modern Disks And Anti-Lock Systems

With classic cars, the brakes are the first safety upgrade that you want to do. To make your car a daily driver, you will want to make sure you have at least disk brakes on the front, but it is even better to have all-wheel disk brakes. In addition, convert the old brake system to anti-lock brakes, which will prevent your car from freezing up when you suddenly step on the brakes. While you are upgrading the brakes, change all the lines to ensure they are new and not going to fail while driving.

2. Avoid Serious Injuries In Accidents With Modern Seatbelts And Air Bags

When you get in an accident, serious injuries happen when you are not buckled in or do not have the proper seatbelts. Make sure your car has modern seatbelts with chest restraint. You may even want to add a five-point harness if your car has a big motor with a lot of power. In addition to the seatbelts, add air bags to give you additional protection in an accident and prevent serious injury.

3. Improve Weak Auto Bodies with Reinforcement And Roll Bars Or Cages

Some cars and SUVs have bodies with particularly weak and vulnerable areas. The center post in four-door vehicles is an example of a vulnerable area, which can be reinforced to add strength. There are also roll bars and cages that can be added to the interior of your vehicle if it is susceptible to side impact damage in an accident or rolling over due to it being top heavy. Some pickups that have split doors, and no center posts, can be made safer with an additional bar around the front seats.

If you plan on doing an auto restoration that you will be driving every day, update it with modern safety to keep you safe. Contact an auto salvage yard and parts service to help with some of these safety improvements to make your car safe for everyday commutes.