5 Classic Car Restoration Projects That Will Steal The Show With A Different Kind Of Classic

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With all the muscle car restorations at car shows, you may want to split away from the pack with a different kind of restoration project. Besides classic hot rods, there are also sedans and other antique and classic cars that make for good projects and will be an eye-catching addition to any car show. Here are five of the best restoration projects to break away from the muscle car trend and steal the show:

1. Cars with State-of-the-art Tech for Their Time

The technology that has been used in cars has evolved over the years. Some cars have made historical advancements in auto technology. There are cars that have the first fuel injections systems and some with the first digital displays and electronics. Restoring an automobile with historical technology advancements can be a very challenging project, but you will be rewarded with a unique classic that helps to preserve a piece of history.

2. Commercial Vehicles with Historical Significance

The personal automobile is not the only type of restoration to consider. Commercial vehicles are also interesting pieces of history and eye-catchers at auto shows. You may want to choose from different delivery vehicles and have them painted with advertisements from their time. Panel wagons are another good choice, which can be customized for an interesting project, rather than conventional commercial vehicle restoration.

3. Military Off-Road Workhorses with a Purpose

Over the years, the military vehicles have evolved and there are many restoration projects to choose from; especially if you are an off-road enthusiast. The small all-purpose vehicles have been used since WWII to move troops and material in combat zones and on military bases. There are also specialized military trucks that are unique and interesting restoration projects, and something a little different than a common Willys or Jeep.

4. Something Small with Compact Classics with Restoration

Decades ago, the conventional design of automobiles was big design and bigger motors. There were also some smaller auto designs that were more compact. Some of  the compact cars did not make it past the drafting table, but the few that did make it to production are great classic restoration projects. You may want to try a European import like an MGB or Volkswagon. There are also the domestic classic compacts like the Dodge Dart, Ford Falcon and Chevy II, which all were available with V8 packages, so they can easily be turned into a hotrod.

5. Beyond Autos with Motorcycle, Scooter and Recreational Vehicle Restorations

If you want to do something different than the average auto restoration, consider doing something other than cars. Motorcycles make for great small side projects, and if you can find a unique classic, the restoration can even be very valuable. In addition, there are also classic scooters like the Honda 50 and recreational vehicles, which can be interesting side projects to do with your time.

With some of these auto restoration projects, your next car will be the talk of weekend car show. Contact an auto parts service to help find the right parts to make your unique auto restoration project perfect.